RJW Consulting Canada Ltd.

Executive Summary

Ron is an accomplished functional leader and executive who thrives on the fast pace and challenges within growth-oriented companies requiring control of diversified interests and constant innovation.

Demonstrated strengths include:

  • star Operations Excellence
  • star Team Building
  • star Brand Leadership
  • star Program Development



  • > Led program to implement Infinity QS software and Sigma Automation hardware to automate quality assurance programs in JD Sweid's Langley facility in 2006, a first in Canada for a large food processor. Benefits include real-time reporting of quality data, improved compliance to specifications, improved cost control, reduction in waste and better time management.
  • > Developed and implemented specifications and standard operating procedures at J.D. Sweid for A&W achieving retail sales of over $50 million and a 10% market share in year one.
  • > Developed and implemented Loblaws in-store handling procedures. Providing this support solidified $24 million in sales with this retail chain.
  • > Member of senior leadership team of J.D. Sweid and former member of White Spot Restaurant's senior team. These teams approve all major and strategic activities for these corporations with annual sales exceeding $200 million.
  • > Senior member of four Tricon Canada (formerly Pepsico Restaurants International and now YUM! Brands) Executive Committees which approved all major strategic and tactical activities, including sales and profitability targets, marketing plans, corporate and franchise operations, product and restaurant quality programs, human resources and fixed assets management for 1,500 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants in 2000.
  • > Played a large role in achieving record sales ($1.0 billion) and profitability for Tricon Canada from 1997 - 1999 as a senior executive and functional leader. This required frequent negotiating with 110 owner/operator franchisees, 3 franchisee associations and over 25 internal, external, national and international groups whose support was vital to achieving corporate and franchisee success.
  • > Invited to and participated in David Novak's (currently Chariman of YUM! Brands) prestigious "KFC Chef's Council", a privilege that has never been extended to any other non-US resident. This body of 12 franchisees and Tricon executives oversaw product development for 5,100 KFC-USA restaurants.
  • > Associate Member of KFC Center of Excellence in Singapore which was responsible for all QA/R&D programs for KFC's 5,300 restaurants outside of the USA.
  • > In co-operation with the franchisee-controlled purchasing co-operative, consolidated and improved the supplier base of over 100 vendors in Canada and the USA producing $1.0 million in savings.
  • > Chairman of Tricon Canada's Crisis Management Committee. Effectively and quietly managed many serious incidents for KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Tricon's suppliers and, more recently, other retail brands.
  • > Represented J.D. Sweid, White Spot and Tricon on Agriculture Canada's Expert Committee on Food Safety, Food Institute of Canada's Food Safety Committee, Canadian Restaurant and Food Association's Technical and Regulatory Committee.


  • > Adjunct Professor teaching business to graduate students in the Masters of Food Science(MFS) and Masters of Food Resource Economics (MFRE) programs at UBC in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.
  • > Leader, Boy Scouts of Canada for over 25 years. Awarded Medal of Merit in 2007. Raised over $50,000 over the past seven years to provide sailing programs to youth in Delta.
  • > Assisted in the development of several cross-functional teams within J.D. Sweid, White Spot and Tricon Canada. Activities included product development, equipment selection, risk management, operations improvements, process development and waste reduction.
  • > Built and lead teams responsible for QA/R&D for each of Tricon's three brands as well as supplier quality programs. These teams became the most effective in Tricon International.
  • > Awarded three honours by Tricon peers for contributions to KFC.
  • > Conceived and managed the International Collaborative Study on Durum Wheat Quality for Agriculture Canada. This study involved six countries and over 50 research scientists in federal, provincial and university laboratories and cost over $1.0 million in 1978.


  • > Developed business courses for the Masters of Food Science (MFS) and Masters of Food Resource Economics (MFRE) programs at UBC in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.
  • > Developed "Focus on Food Safety" column for Food In Canada Magazine.
  • > Developed and helped implement Crisis Management programs for J.D. Sweid, White Spot and Tricon Canada.
  • > Developed and helped implement White Spot's Supplier Audit and Supplier Liability Programs.
  • > Implemented Tricon's Supplier Tracking, Assessment and Recognition Program (STAR) which standardized quality programs across KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell for 100 distributors, food processors and packaging suppliers. The program has reduced reported product defects by 50%.
  • > Introduced Tricon's Field Ready Product Program (FRPP) in 1998 to expedite innovation.
  • > Facilitated the introduction of several store-level quality and performance-measurement programs, including Operations Facility Review (OFR), Cleanliness-Hospitality-Accuracy-Maintenance-Product-Speed (CHAMPS), Quality-Service-Cleanliness (QSC), CHAMPS Standards Library (CSL) and CHAMPS Excellence Review which impacts everything from restaurant pay to franchisee approvals.
  • > In co-operation with the franchisee purchasing group, developed a protocol for screening cost-saving and new supplier opportunities in 1999 to select only the most promising/needed initiatives. This maximized effectiveness of human resources and ensured program success.


  • > Rescued A&W's national launch of Chubby Chicken by leading technical teams at J.D. Sweid and A&W Canada in resolving numerous food safety and quality issues.
  • > Provided technical and program leadership to Loblaws in-store deli programs for bone-in chicken and strips.
  • > Provided on-going functional leadership to J.D. Sweid, White Spot and A&W Canada which minimized brand erosion in very difficult market conditions.
  • > Directed Tricon teams that developed and/or introduced over 70 products that contributed as much as 80% of KFC's, 25% of Pizza Hut's and 25% of Taco Bell's sales between 1990-2000.
  • > Developed seven nutritional supplement products over a five-year span with National Baby Formula Service. This more than doubled company sales.


Adjunct Professor LAND AND FOOD SYSTEMS, UBC Present
Freelance Food Columnist FOOD IN CANADA MAGAZINE Present
Retired   May, 2007
Director of Quality Assurance J.D. SWEID LIMITED 2003-2007
Director of Research and Development J.D. SWEID LIMITED AND WHITE SPOT 2001-2003
Director of Quality Assurance, R&D TRICON CANADA 1989-2000
Lecturer School of Business UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO 1985-1986
Technical Director NATIONAL BABY FORMULA SERVICE 1984-1988
Technical and Marketing Manager HOFFMANN LA ROCHE 1982-1984
Director of Technology DOVER INDUSTRIES 1980-1982
Research Scientist AGRICULTURE CANADA Prior to 1978


C.F.S. - Certified Food Scientist INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS 2013
M.B.A. - Operations Management UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO 1980
Ph.D. - Biochemistry UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA 1973


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